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5 Reasons You Need Mala Prayer Beads in Your Life

If you’ve been on Instagram feed (who hasn’t?), you’ve likely seen tons of people wearing these long, beaded necklace...

Everything you Need to Know about Mala Prayer Necklaces

Mala prayer necklaces may be a new fashion trend, but they certainly aren’t new by any means. These stunning pieces o...

5 Top Yoga Poses

The five yoga poses below are some of the most popular poses and you should strive to be able to do them and hold the...

Mindfullness Meditation Techniques

Meditation exercises are effective means of reducing stress and teaching your body and mind to relax. Not only that, ...

Equipment to Help with Yoga

One good thing about yoga is that it can be practiced almost anywhere, without any equipment and by people of all ag...

Balance Poses in Yoga

Yoga poses function and perform differently. Each pose is designed to develop one’s flexibility and strength. Here a...

The Different Types of Yoga

With so many different types of yoga to choose from it can be a little bit confusing for beginners. Before deciding ...

Why Yoga Matters

Approximately 5 million people in the United States alone practice some type of yoga, let's explore why yoga matters.
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