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Posture and Stone of the Month - September 2019

September celebrates Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Sapphires and Lapis Lazuli.  Mesopotamia celebrated it’s gods and Goddesse...

Hawt Yoga: You Don’t just Sweat, You sparkle

When your practice is heating up you may notice yourself sweating. Your concentration has broken and you instantly mo...

posture and stone of the month: august

August is not just known for its sunshine and back to school shopping, which I admittedly still do even years after m...

The Science Behind Meditation

Not convinced meditation can help you? Here are some interesting – and scientific facts about meditation and how it ...

more mindfulness: vanessa badram

Listen to our first episode of the more mindfulness series, with @asanavanessa, Toronto Yoga Teacher and meditation e...

your august horoscopes

Are you ready for your August horoscopes? Read them all here, featuring our new breathe collection:

Ways I Became More Me Through Moving Meditation

Yoga has taught me to love Kombucha, malas and sweat-wicking fabric. It has also taught me how to love myself, my bo...

natural facial wellness, by cleres beauty.

You have have noticed that we recently expanded our wellness section, with facial tools! Our sister brand Cleres Beau...

3 breathing exercises for anxiety

Just like most things in life, yoga and meditation are some of the best options for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, ...

your july horoscopes

Are you ready for your July horoscopes? Read them all here, featuring our most loved, self love collection:

an exercise for self awareness

Without self-awareness, it’s easy to lose sight of the all the wonderful things going on in your life, as the negativ...

june horoscopes

Are you ready for your June horoscopes? Read them all here, featuring our beautiful new birthstone collection:
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