Rising Spirit

Introducing our newest collection, Rising Spirit. Featuring an array of beautiful handcrafted malas, designed with purpose in mind. Our malas are created with the intent of enhancing your spiritual connection. Each Mala features 108 high quality natural stone beads. The number 108 is sacred in yogic traditions and signifies spiritual completion. Wearing natural gemstones can assist you in channeling positive energy to promote the healing and rebalancing of the chakras, and aids in protecting the aura.
Every mala in our Rising Spirit collection features a special pendant chosen for its spiritual significance, We have also thoughtfully selected the gemstones used for our Rising Spirit malas, so that each mala is designed with specific intentions. 
This collection combines beauty and intention in each distinct mala that we offer. When selecting a mala necklace, we recommend allowing your intuition to guide you in choosing one that resonates deeply with your soul.
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