a new calm

"slow down, make connections, breathe and take it all in."

what is a new calm?

a place of intention

we've created a safe space for you to start 2019 with intention.


find inspiration for new ways to introduce calmness into your life.

beautiful stories

every week, we'll share stories from creators in the wellness space.

a collection of ideas

we'll share practical ways to be calm for the new year, and for a new you.

download a free 2019 calendar

start the year with a beautiful print out calendar,

complete with affirmations.

week one: meditation

join a guided meditation by the quiet company, and enjoy a moment of calmness.

week two: yoga

learn more about the yoga practice, from mikaela millington

mikaela millington


hi! i'm mik, I'm a yoga student and teacher from vancouver, canada. creating is a big part of who i am. i find joy in putting together yoga classes (mindful sequencing, feel good playlists) organizing retreats (yoga, wellness, adventure), capturing moments, writing, meditation, hiking, travelling and exploring this beautiful world! And the best part ... being able to connect with individuals and establish new relationships! As Ram Dass says: “we’re all here just walking each other home” - community is everything. We are all here to share our gifts and lift one another up.

mala prayer favorites

explore the core mala prayer collection, and kickstart your 2019 with essentials for calm and meditation.

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