Caring For Your Mala

Caring For Your Mala

We have talked a lot about the healing properties of malas – they serve as a constant reminder of your truth, your intentions and the divinity within you, holding great significance in your daily life and rituals.

Cleansing Your Mala

Mala beads are known to absorb and store energy – a big reason why we promote positive thinking and positive energy. Because of how easily these beads absorb the energies of not only you, but also your surroundings, on occasion, you may need to cleanse your mala to reset or recalibrate.

You can cleanse your mala by:

Malas are extremely personal pieces – they absorb our energies over time, and as such, become more powerful the longer we wear them.

We don’t advise lending your mala to anyone else, no matter how close to you they may be. If you have someone else wear your mala, we do recommend cleansing it to reset the energies before wearing.

Cleaning Your Mala

It is natural for your mala to show signs of wear if it is well loved. Your mala beads will darken over time – this means they’re doing their job in absorbing and storing energy!

However, if you’re finding your jewellery is a little dirty from general wear, we recommend gently rinsing it under warm water, but only when absolutely necessary. 

To keep your mala’s tassel fresh and tidy, you may want to want it and gently comb the strands while it is slightly damp. If needed, you can trim any stray strands at the end of the tassel. It’s recommended to do this while the tassel is still damp, and leaving it out to dry overnight.

Broken Malas

As you wear your mala, it is natural that your string may wear down and, eventually, break. If your mala breaks, it symbolizes that you’ve outgrown the intention associated with that piece.

Setting new intentions is a fantastic opportunity. Decide what you want to manifest, and choose one of our beautiful, hand-crafted malas to help you along your journey.